Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dave Ramsey Style

We are going Dave Ramsey style. We are baby stepping our way to a better life. We are just one baby step 1,but are so excited to get started. We are looking at lots of way to save money and make extra money to go through our baby steps faster. Baby step one is to save $1000 emergency fund. Right now, we don't have a bunch of money to put back, but after the holidays and after we start following a zero budget, we will make this goal quickly. To be honest, we have no money put back yet. So follow us along with our journey.

I cannot wait to get our finances on track. I am so excited that we will not be struggling as much. I am learning a few ways to make some extra money from home while we are raising our growing family... No, I am not pregnant right now, but we would like to start a family after the wedding. The wedding is a whole other financial disaster, but we will come up with a game plan. It does not benefit us to put the boys in daycare because I would not make enough to even cover daycare expenses. So I will be working from home on a few various things.

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