Thursday, March 23, 2017

Life loves to give us smackdowns

Life is really good about putting us in our place. We've been on a financial roller coaster this past month. One step forward... off a giant cliff. We've started our "Dave jobs" baby sitting, plasma donation, flipping "junk". We did make our first $150 this week with flipping. We were like yay we are getting ahead of debt but no... we learned of a detrimental set back. We are trying everything possible to fix it. We shall see.

One thing we have learned is that every time we get ahead and get our lives straight and active in church, Satan allows footholds to come along and try to pull us back. We will not lose, but we will chose to have courage and faith. We know that there are blessings to come.

Monday, March 13, 2017

It's Been A While

We have had quite a few bumps over the last couple of weeks... but I'm back. So we moved into a rental trailer for the time being. We are wanting to stay below our budget in hopes of fixing our credit and saving up for a house. It's very small for our large family... just under 1000 sq ft. But we are  making it work for us. DS1,2&3 are in one room and the littles are in the other. I'm very thankful because my grandmother is letting me store stuff we don't have room for in her garage. That is saving me $100 a month in storage unit fees. We have been getting his boys every weekend since we moved in and are so thankful! DS1 has been having sleepovers every weekend lately but hope to have him stay with us soon. We are loving finally being under the same roof! We are making our little family work.

Goals for the month:
▪️Have a budget meeting and come up with goals for this year
▪️Get a joint account to better handle our finances
▪️Work on baby step 1 of Dave Ramsey (we got off track)
▪️Quit smoking both of us
▪️Get a "Dave job"... a side hustle to help with our budget
▪️Start couponing again and work it into a lesson with the boys
▪️Return to church (I have been unable to attend due to my engine in my van blowing up)
▪️Have DS5 birthday party and make his cake