Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Open Letter To The Judgemental Jerk At The Market

Based on today's horrific shopping experience...

To the super healthy couple going into the market,

Goodness you all were so adorable in your running gear, holding hands walking into the store.  You're one of my people. I love going out for a good run. I feel so healthy and less stressed out after a run. I love knowing my body is in great shape because I take of it. Did I say love? Change that to loved. You see, I had that stolen from me. My body will not cooperate to let me even though I try. For four months now, I have busted my butt trying to get better. I literally walk like I rode across country on horseback. That's the only gait I can walk.

I know, I know! I look healthy! I am the thinnest I've been since before my kids were born. The multitude of pills I have to take each day (you know, to stop my body from waging war on itself) has the tendency to do that. Yes, I sure was using one of those motorized carts. Can I please tell you how hard it is to reach the top shelf with those? And not to mention the beep beep when you back up is so embarrassing. You see, I have to use one of those due to my incredibly high restrictions on activity and the incredible fatigue you get during a flare up. Do you know how hard it is to stand less than half an hour while raising three kids full time and the other two part time? Let me inform you... It's your parents teaching your kid to ride a bike without training wheels. It's taking your babies trick or treating with tears rolling down your face because you hurt so badly. It's having to tell your kids no when they ask if you'll jump on the trampoline or slip and slide with them. Seeing the confusion on your face because until a few months ago you were the biggest kid in your house. But now you will have to "learn" how to run and jump again.

So, today while buying food for my family, imagine my shock while your girl friend started laugh and you called me a "lazy piece of s---!" Yeah you went there. Good for you. See you showed a level of intolerance and ignorance that me speechless! Me...speechless? This is something that doesn't happen often. I have psoriatic arthritis! Yes, like the golfer. No, it will never go away. Yes it can be managed. Invisible illnesses exist. I am not the only one out there. There are brave men and women who served this country and a piece of their mind is still over seas. You can't see there scars, but I assure you they are there.

Words can hurt. Thank goodness I am cold hearted to that kind of thing, but the next person may not be. So my advice for the day is don't be an asshat! Consider that you don't know all the facts. Remember what your mama always told you... If you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all!

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