Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Drugstore Game

For many years now, I have tried to save my family money. I love couponing. I have actually became quite good at it in the past. I have friends who call me and ask me to teach them to coupon and I am happy to do so. Who couldn't use extra money in their budget? I know we certainly could. Since learning that I won't be able to work fulltime due to my health, it is more important than ever! Couponing is overwhelming and hard work. It requires dedication and planning to make sure that everything goes according to plan. It seems like a simple concept, but I am here to assure you that everything you think you know about couponing is probably not the whole truth. I am not saying that you are wrong in any form or fashion, but maybe that you are not using the full potential. And to be honest, I have not been using my full potential savings either.

Last week, one of my dear friends called me asking me to teach her to coupon because the expense of diapers was drowning her family. I had to be honest with her, that couponing for diapers is unchartered territory for me. We cloth diapered and so that was not something that I needed to do, but I would be happy to help her in anyway that I could. The first thing I encouraged her to do was to play the drugstore game. It is a simple way to coupon and to gain your bearings in the couponing world before moving on to the extreme couponing way. I referred her to ladies a bit wiser than myself on this topic: Money Saving Mom, Southern Savers and The Krazy Coupon Lady.

Here are some things I have learned from many years of couponing:
  • Baby steps are important. Start small. One store.
  • You will be buying large quantities
  • You will buy things you don't need but you can donate
  • Follow people smarter than you
  • It's an adrenaline rush

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