Monday, November 14, 2016

House Hunting Is A Nightmare

We are on a tight budget. Who isn't now days? I am currently out of work with a lovely psoriatic arthritis flare up. This one has been so bad, I haven't been able to work in months. So here we are with just his income. We had talked in the past about me staying at home with the munchkins. I guess this is a trial run. So we are looking for our first place together. We are so excited! While he's game planning a typical weekly schedule for us, I'm over here panicking, making lists and of course doing the Pinterest planning. And though we are working together, there are so many speed bumps to get over.

We have called every apartment complex in our area and they are either full or crazy high in pricing. So we are looking at small rental homes. They are limited in my area. Though I have to say, I get the biggest kick out of people finding out we have 5 kids and area looking at a 3 bedroom. "Are they all yours?" "You can't fit that many beds in one room." And my favorite "All boys!? You could have a girl." 1. Yes. They are all mine. Yes, we know what causes it. No, we don't have cable, but I don't see how that would help... It kind of kills the moment if you leave it on. Oh that wasn't the point and that's too personal? Hmm...then maybe you should just keep your face closed so your off based opinions don't fall out. No, I didn't give birth to all of them. Two were born before I ever met them. If you can't love your partner's kids as your own, then you don't deserve them. 2. Heck yes I can fit three beds in one room! Remember these things called bunk beds? Yeah they are fantastic! 3. I know. Sorry to disappoint. We didn't get the memo that you now order a baby in the sex you want from Amazon! Yes we have all boys. They are messy and loudly and at times just plain wild. But they are so fun and amazing and smart and loving.

We are wanting a smaller place for now and who knows we may like it and stay that way. We would like to save up for a farm. It's a dream of ours to have land and a garden and chickens (ok just my dream, but still)! It is such a struggle to find a place willing to accommodate our large family. But we are a team and we will work through it as a family. 

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