Wednesday, November 16, 2016


When you have as many kids as we do, every penny counts. In reality, who doesn't need to save money now days? We have 5 birthday presents to buy, 5 Easter baskets, 5 Christmases to buy for not to mention all the people in our lives. When my ex and I first got married, I was in college working on two degrees (I don't advise this). He was a security guard making minimum wage. Needless to say we were strapped for cash. His favorite show at the time was Ghost Hunters. I saved enough to buy him the entire series that was available on DVD. I dedicated just a half hour a day to save money to buy him Christmas. That was a big thing for me.

Swagbucks is a search engine that pays you to search. You can answer questions and earn by doing free trials. You can watch videos to earn and it is so easy. You can earn by printing coupons and using them. We I love coupons so this is a win-win. I like to let the kids play games and earn for me. They are happy because they get screen time. I am happy because I am usually able to get a chore done and get rewarded for it.

You will earn 1SB a day just for having the toolbar. That's 365 BS a year! You receive 1 SB for doing the daily poll. It seriously one click of a button. How easy is that!? Earn 2SB a day by viewing NOSO that's 730 SB a year. It takes right at a minute. The way to earn more SB is to follow people who have more experience aka bloggers. I have go to bloggers that I follow and have followed for years because I learn so much for them.

I like redeeming for gift cards though there are other options. Some of the gift cards you can redeem for are: Amazon, Walmart, Target, CVS and Visa just to name a few. I try to same the swagbucks up until November and then start cashing in so that we can use them on Cyber Monday for further savings.

*Disclaimer by clicking the link above and signing up with Swagbucks, I will receive bonus SB. However, my review of Swagbucks is completely honest.*

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