Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Open Letter To President Elect Trump

Mr. Trump,

First of all congratulations on your victory in this crazy, chaotic and down right hellacious election season. I'll be brutally honest, I was not a supporter. I am a libertarian by nature and a feminist to boot. So you can imagine the shock and horror I felt as I listened to clips of speeches you made on the campaign trail. I won't lie, I really wanted to hate you... I did. I mean here I am begging and pleading for liberty and less government restrictions and here you are talking about a wall. Then the time you made fun a disabled reporter. Please tell me that was completely taken out of contexts...Please. I have a special needs child and want to protect him from that kind of bullying. And I won't even start on the "grab them by the p*ssy" conversation, I won't. I know guys have their chats and talk sex and about women they've slept with or want to sleep with. I am not blind to these things. I was angry when I first learned about these comments. I was scared to be completely honest. I then got to thinking surely you got tongue tied and did not intend for that statement to be rapey, even though lets face it, it sounded very rapey and creeperish.

Many statements you have made feels like you believe that unless you are a straight white male, you don't count. In your victory speech, you promised to be a president to all people. I pray that you will follow through with this. I do believe you are making headway with your policy for maternity leave. You said you would listen to us. Please here me when I say, consider adding paternity leave to the policy as well. Right after birth mothers need more help. A dad's job is not completed at conception. Also, the reversing Obama care thing... please do that immediately as this mama can no longer afford her medication that is crucially needed to keep her body from attacking itself.

As I watch the news this morning, many stations are asking "how do we explain this to our children?" Here is how I explained this to my children and I am 100% sincere in everything I said to them:
So guess who won overnight. Trump. I know that we really liked Johnson and Weld and we were pulling for them hard. We can work harder for a libertarian candidate in four years. I honestly believe that Mr. Trump is a step in that direction for the American people. You see, we get to keep our guns and he has directly spoken about the link between vaccines and autism and he will not allow our choice to be taken away. Mr. Trump is a successful business man. Yes, he has filed for bankruptcy, but it was to gain more money for his company. Just like mommy and daddy had to file bankruptcy a few years ago in attempt to save our house and keep food on the table. Yes, the news has been throwing around that Trump doesn't pay taxes. Hell yes, good for him, because taxation is theft! Our country is very far in debt. I feel confident that Mr. Trump can help us slowly pull out of it where you can have a successful and happy future as adults.(On a side note: Mr. Trump consider asking Dave Ramsey to be a financial advisor in your cabinet. The man is a freaking genius!) So we have a job to do starting today. We have to pray for our new president elect. We have to work on a state level for legislation that we believe is needed for the good of all people.

That we will do, Mr. Trump. We will pray for you daily, just as we have President Obama. We will pray for you and your family's  safety and health. We will pray that you will be guided by God and will do what is best for this country. We will respect that you are the president and will choose to support you when you are right. We promise to be unbiased while we evaluate you as president. It is a hard job and quite frankly I am thankful that I do not have to do it. Keeping up with these 5 munchkins and keeping them safe and healthy makes me crazy most days.

Good luck and congratulations again. I cannot believe I am saying this... #makeAmericagreatagain. Or at least try very hard.

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