Thursday, November 10, 2016

Family Game Night and Sneaking in School Time

Sometimes the boys get burned out on doing school. I can understand this. They are homeschool, so more often than not, they get a lesson with everything. Going grocery shopping: meal planning, couponing, interacting with customer and staff member, etc... Mama tends to throw in lessons on life skills, nutrition, math, reading, economics, and health, safety and manners. Sometimes they just don't want to do school. Yesterday was one of those days.

Recently, we went to a yard sale and I bought 11 board games for $1 each. They are in perfect condition. Most of them can be used for school. Monopoly is heavy in math. The cranium games have a lot of trivia questions and you know there is a lesson with missed questions. We got shape and color and state bingo. That's always fun too. But I was really blessed to be able to get Cranium Hullabaloo. This was a game that DS4 used in occupational therapy many times. It has shape, color and category recognition but also several sensory properties too. DS4 is vaccine injured, autistic and has sensory processing disorder. He has since aged out of the therapy programs he was in. We don't feel that all goals were met. So we follow several therapist on Pinterest or their blogs or webpage. They have great ideas of things to do at home to help manage his "super powers" as we call them.

The boys played several games last night. We spent hours laughing, talking, learning and enjoying each other's company. What a wonderful evening! It is fun when we can have family time and include school. We missed DS1 and DS2. Hopefully, we can have a game night soon when we have them again.

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