Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Savings Goals

We are working working on baby step one of Dave Ramsey's baby steps. It's rough. We are trying to figure out how to work our way to financial freedom. Doing this on income is very hard. We are barely scraping through, let along have the ability to put money back. Baby step one is to put back $1000 emergency fund. On paper it looks so easy, but holy moly it is not! We are trying to find creative ways to pinch penny's. My notebook and Pinterest and Facebook groups are quickly becoming my lifeline. I am finding ways to come up with $10 here or there. It's not a lot but every penny counts! Sell anything that we don't use. I am keeping a log of everything. If I have an idea it gets written down. Expenses go in the book. We are going to be debt free. We are going to find our financial freedom. 

Things I am learning:
Budget is king. Use it until it's gone or fix it if it's broken. You don't eat out. When you don't feel like cooking, tough eat a sandwich. Coupons are cash. Free events are amazing for a family our size.

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