Thursday, December 8, 2016

Making Our Own Gifts

So we are making our gifts for each other this year! We are not allowed to spend any money. We are being creative. I have the ability to paint. I'm no artist by any means. Brad loves lions. So I painted him a lion. He's been teasing me by giving hints but won't tell me what he is making. I want to do it up right, but I don't know what else to make. I am making a couples coupon book. You know the "get out of fight free" or "I'll do your chores today" plus a couple of fun date ones. 

I have spent about 4 hours painting and working on the computer to make the coupon book. I really hope that he likes it. I get anxiety when it comes to gifts. It's such a joy for me to let the people I love know that I love them. 

He made me a steel sculpture. I LOVE it!!! It could not have been better.

What are your favorite homemade gifts?

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