Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why I was a working mom

In 2009, I graduated from nursing school. It was a life long dream of mine to be a nurse. DS3 was 9 months old. I entered the working world. I wanted to give him the world. The dreams that our family had required multiple incomes.

I worked long hours caring for someone else's family, while missing mine. We had a wonderful nanny who would send me videos and pictures throughout the day so I wouldn't miss as much.

I heard so many negative comments about how I abandoned my family to further my career. That my place was in the home. How would my marriage make it with me working?

Well the truth is that yes, you do miss out on some things with your kids while you are at work. But you are also a person, not just a mom. You are allowed to have dreams and goals and want to pursue a career.

My job wasn't to be bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen. As for my marriage, at the time my ex and I liked our own space so it was a welcomed break for either of us to go to work.

So stop judging working moms. They have a job, family and home to worry about.

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