Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Why I am a SAHM

Now I am a stay at home mom. This time last year, I became very sick. I was working full time and a single mom. The illness forced me to go on FMLA and move back in with my parents. I couldn't walk. I couldn't go to the bathroom or take a shower alone. I was completely unable to care for myself. After my FMLA ran out, my specialist told me that my nursing career was going. I turned in my resignation and began staying home.

Brad and my relationship was still very young but we loved each other dearly. He stayed by my side and never wavered on taking care of me. He assured me that he would find a way to support all of us and that he wanted me to stay home and raise all of our kiddos.

Now that I am getting healthy again, I am able to stay home and do school with the kids. I am able to run errands and go to doctors appointments. But what do I do all day?

Here is a little sneak peak into our lives:

Get up. Start breakfast. Get the big guys in the shower. Every other week I watch my friend's girls for her. Start school with my three plus her two. Work on cleaning the house even though it's going to be destroyed by the kids soon. Make lunch. Get the baby down for a nap. Start dinner. Get the kids doing their chores. Try to freshen up before Brad gets home. Feed them dinner. Brad takes DS3 to Trail Life. I bathe the littles and put them to bed. I straighten up the house. When they get home, they eat a snack. I get Kaden, DS3, off to bed. I finish cleaning and get school ready for tomorrow and lay out tomorrows dinner.

I don't have the girls but it is doctor appointment day and therapy day for Carson, DS5. Still have to do school and clean and cook.

Co-op day, plus church. We are gone almost all day but we still have a home we have to take care of.

The girls are back. Plus therapy day and market day.

I have the girls, plus school and house work. Then we have to go pick up DS1 and DS2 which is a two hour drive. I have to make sure that everything is ready and the kids are already eating when Brad walks in the door. They eat slow and he eats fast. I have to have them ready to walk out the door by the time he showers and eats. I have to make sure that they potty before we leave and to check the traffic reports. It's important that we are not late picking them up.

So yes stay at home moms work hard too!

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