Friday, June 23, 2017

Modern mom vs classic tv moms

I have always been slightly obsessed with the old school TV moms: June Cleaver, Laura Petrie, and Carol Brady just to name a few. They get up in the mornings early and get their hair and make up on. And those dresses! They are so cheerful. They cook and clean. They send the kids out ride their bikes after their homework is done. Their kids coming running when they call for them. You never see them lose their mind and just start screaming at the kid for not listening . They make us normal moms look bad.

Most days I roll out of bed with my hair a mess. It's a good day if I get a shower before the kids get up. Breakfast... Thank god for pop tarts. My day consists of begging children to remember to flush the toilet and threatening to kill the Xbox with the lawn mower to get them to do homework. There is no sending them out to ride bikes. There are too many scary people, mean people. I'm great at being the playful, silly mom. I love to play with the kids. Being cheerful and well put together, not so much.

So what has changed? These women lived in a time where most families could thrive on a single family income. They stayed home because their husband made a good wage. Now most families have to have two incomes just to make ends meet. Cost of living is sky high and wages are not. Many women have chosen to have a career and that's awesome! But why are we still held to the same standard as these women? We can't send our kids out to play by themselves. There are too many mean people waiting for an opportunity to be mean.

As for their clothes, I love the vintage dresses and would rock them happily. Unfortunately, most of the modern clothes require me to show off my boobage and nonexistent butt. No thanks. Maybe I will learn to sew these dresses and then have some pretty classic dresses to wear, but don't expect me to wear my pearls while scrubbing the toilet.

I would like to start changing my habits and be up early enough to make him breakfast before he goes to work. I would make him coffee, but he doesn't drink coffee. Not sure that I fully trust anyone that can function without coffee.

This could be a fun project to do!

Are you more of a modern mom or a classic tv mom?

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