Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Glimpse Into Our Life

We had so much fun this past week. We were able to have DS1 and DS2 for five days because they were on spring break. We kept those babies so busy, but we had a blast.

Friday night: We had family game night. We played chess and rummy and BS and video games. We snacked and watched movies. The DS1 and DS3 have expressed interest in learning to cook so they got to help me make chicken enchilada soup... and it was really yummy. They did a great job.

Saturday: It was plasma day for Brad. So he got up early and did plasma and while he was out the kids had breakfast. We got everyone ready and we went to Marble City Comicon. It was so much fun. The kids got to meet the ghostbusters and halo characters. We got to stop by the local libertarian party booth and volunteer to help with campaigning. I think this will be a great learning experience for DS3 because he is an activist at heart and has very strong political opinions for an 8 year old. DS4 made a new "best buddy," Josh "TKO" Turner of wrestling and The Walking Dead fame. He is a warrior for fighting autism. He and DS4 made a great connection and he gave him a necklace that has still yet to come off. After comicon, we went to my parents' house for a little bit because DS2 wanted to see "my" nana. Then we had an early bed time.

Sunday: We had Palm Sunday service at church followed by lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt/Carnival. We got there early to help set up. After the carnival was over, we headed downtown to the Alzheimer's walk. I have been an Alzheimer's nurse for 10 years and lost my papawl to this awful killer in 2013. So we walked 3.3 miles to honor him. While we were there, DS3 met Phil Fulmer, former and national championship coach for the Vols. He was stoked. DS5 saw a person dressed as a frog and freaked out. We laughed a lot. After we got home we had another game night.

Tuesday: We had family lake day. It was such a blast. Watching the two youngest learn to swim and watching DS2 and DS3 overcome their fear of water.

Needless to say we are worn out but had a blast.

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