Saturday, January 14, 2017


Ok so there's an app for your phone (iPhone not sure about android) but you earn gift cards just for driving. It's called mileup. If you have to drive anyway, you might as well use the app and save some money. Brad travels for work a lot and this is going to benefit us greatly. You get 2 points a mile and gift cards start at 1000 points. We are going to Florida (508 miles) next month so thats 1016 miles round trip times that by two and 2032 points per person so if we wanted to cash out we could have $20 in Walmart , amazon or target gift cards or $20 in regal gift cards. Plus if you use gift cards to buy gas at Walmart it take $.03 a gallon in gas. My friend and her husband are getting $50+ a month in gift cards. For me that's a win win situation.

*Disclaimer: the link is my referral code. You get bonus points when someone signs up under your code.

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