Friday, January 6, 2017

Calendar To Organize This Big Family

Keeping up with everyone's  schedule is kind of a mess around here. We want to make sure that the whole family's needs and social and professional schedules are met. We have implemented the old fashioned calendar method. We have a planner that every appointment and scheduled meeting is written down on it, as is bills and birthdays. Though to be honest, mama is the only one allowed to actually write on it. I may be a bit touchy about that one. So every event that someone wants to attend has to be written down and scheduled or it does not get priority. Everyone has an assigned color on the calendar and we have a color for when the whole family is participating. So far it is working pretty well, but I would like to find an electronic version that I can use as a back up.

Using a calendar also helps us with school and save us money by avoiding late fees. DS1 has had issues with doing school work. He is extremely smart and gets bored easily. We have had him start using his own pocket calendar to mark down assignments and have the teachers mark off on them as well to show us that he is not lying about assignments. It may sound harsh, but he has a bright future as long as he will apply himself. I would much rather him be frustrated with us now for having to get the agenda signed, than for him to be frustrated because he can't afford to live on his own as an adult. We want our children to not have to struggle like we have had to do.

We have a lot of upcoming doctor appointments. The calendar is my best friend. The color system makes it so much easier to keep up with getting everyone where they need to be. My calendar may be full but so it my heart.

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