Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Teaching Kids To Have A Giving Spirit

We are a Christian family. This does not mean we are perfect. In fact, it means
that we are far from it but believe that Christ's forgiveness is enough to make up for our flaws. One value that we want to install in our children is to have a servant's heart. Sunday we had the amazing opportunity to volunteer with our church through a program called "Rise Against Hunger." Our church packaged 20,088 meals in 65 minutes to help end world hunger. World hunger is not a production matter, it is a heart matter. There is more than enough food in this world so that no person should have to go hungry.

We and the three younger guys got to help package these meals and what a blessing it was for us as a family. We talked to the boys this past week about world hunger and how blessed that we are to have full belly and sometimes be able to pig out. We talked about how this is one of the reasons that it hurts our hearts when they are picky and refuse to eat what is one their plates. I just wish the two older boys could have been there as well. What a great time we had in fellowship with our church family.

Everyone had jobs. The youngest worker we had today was just 3 years old. Kids were runners. They would take the full bags to the weighing and sealing stations and then the sealed bags to the boxing station. They loved it and I loved watching them interact with the elderly members of our church. Both the elders and the kids' faces were lighting up talking to each other and working together. I was in a filling station. Brad was on refills. He was carrying big bags of ingredients to all the stations. He was so tired but we will be doing it again next year. Our goal for next year... 40,000!!!

We can't wait to help with fundraising and participating next year. I feel so blessed to have children who have a heart for others. This has inspired me to find more ways for my family to be more active in the community and help others.

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